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Our story is really Caleb’s story. It’s also a story familiar to any parent who has a child with Crohn’s or an autoimmune illness. ​​It started with a Crohn’s diagnosis four years ago. We put Caleb on a diet that eliminates all gluten, grains, sugar, complex carbohydrates (rice and potato for example) and preservatives called The Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Caleb has been on the SCD diet ever since and is doing great. During this time, we realized not only how many kids are on diets like the SCD, but how difficult it is for kids socially. Because they can’t eat what their friends are eating, many often feel like outcasts. As Caleb puts it, he just wants to feel “like a regular kid again”.

​​This is what gave us the idea for Caleb’s Cooking Company. We provide healthy organic fast food for children that is gluten & grain free, with no added sugars or preservatives. We also provide a community where parents and children can gather to gain emotional support, insight and knowledge around IBD and other autoimmune diseases.